Straightforward functional system.
As a fruit of its continuous technological research Gibam proposes its furnishing solutions dedicated to mid-size and large-size areas of distribution. M24 system is a line of backlit panels characterised by a great scenographic effect. The attention put in creating a colour chart based on good taste and quality gives to the designer a large variety of solutions.
A new furnishing line enters in the family of Gibam Shops systems: M24 is born from the combination of two main ingredients that are at the base of the concepts of design of modern commercial areas. The coherent geometry of a simple and elegant panel, the emotion of direct and indirect light. These two elements are melted into an elegant backlit panel that gives endless combination possibilities. An aluminium profile for frame, backlit panels or panels made of the available finishes suitable to fit shelves and hooks. M24 becomes a simple functional system never repeating itself.
Very appealing is the combination between different lines of products from the Group companies: a B01 glass display counter, a Thinline slat panel, M22 drawer units; every element can be easily combined for the creation of solutions which are elegant and genially simple.