Designed for the optical world.
DigitalMirror Optical allows to enter in the interactive and virtual world, having the aim to pull down the social and time-barriers existing between the web and the point of sale.
DigitalMirror Optical is a digital mirror that allows to:
– take pictures;
– register videoclips;
– send images by e-mail;
– share pictures and videoclips on Facebook;
– publish your video on Youtube;
– try-on virtual lenses;
– visualise interactive contents.
The user-friendly interface makes DigitalMirror Optical fast and intuitive to use, bringing your clients to make a convinced purchase, and increasing the visibility of your Brand through web sharing. DigitalMirror Optical is a last generation digital mirror, and it is constituted by a 22″ touch-screen monitor and an integrated HD video camera.